Sarah Jakes is a take-charge business woman, speaker, writer and media personality. In addition to her duties at The Potter’s House, Sarah frequently serves as a host of “The Potter’s Touch,” a daily inspirational television broadcast. Sarah is a gifted writer who regularly pens a blog ( on love, life, and family. She was recently signed to a three-book deal with Bethany House, with her memoir set for release on April 1, 2014, followed by a devotional on the biblical character, Ruth. Sarah is the Senior Editor of eMotions at TDJ Enterprises and is the daughter of Bishop T. D. and Mrs. Serita Jakes.

Session: “Colliding with Destiny”
Everyone likes to talk about Ruth meeting her Boaz and the tremendous life she had once she met him. We hardly ever discuss the things she had to encounter on the road to destiny. No one talks about how she lost her husband and became a stranger in a new land. No one talks about the depression, grief, and struggles she had to face before she learned to live again. Sarah Jakes explores the book of Ruth in a new and refreshing way, opening you up to the possibility that maybe these moments in life that come to break us are really just stepping stones to help us Collide with Destiny. Don’t stop living, don’t let the pain kill you, and convince you that you no longer have a destiny. You’ve just got to get on the right track, choose to believe, dare to try again, and you’ll “Collide with Destiny” too.

Sarah will be signing copies of Colliding With Destiny on Friday, August 30th from 1-2pm in the Starbucks Literary Cafe

Session: “Girl Talk” – 90 minutes
Sometimes, we just need to be real, and Woman Thou Art Loosed at MegaFest is doing just that by bringing back our most popular segment–Girl Talk! Discussing the situations faced by today’s women, Girl Talk is calling all women together as we confront contemporary issues such as domestic violence, self-esteem, relationships and even finances! This is one symposium you don’t want to miss. Hosted by Mrs. Serita Jakes and Sarah Jakes, Girl Talk will include various segments featuring a dynamic panel of speakers that will challenge your perception on the hard-hitting issues, present a fresh perspective that will improve your outlook on life and inspire you to greatness.