Jesus said the believer’s life is built around two things: Love God and love people. Is your life reflecting those two things?

When we receive love, it compels us to love God and to love others. This is the very heart of the matter—receiving God’s unconditional love and then giving that same love in return. Today, Bishop T.D. Jakes wants to help you receive that truth deep in your spirit. “Heart of the Matter” is a teaching on CD that is going to help you discover that the very foundation of your faith in Christ is rooted in love. This teaching will equip you to not only receive love in a brand-new way . . . but also demonstrate that same love to others.

With your gift of any amount, you can request:

  • The foundational single message on CD, "Heart of the Matter."
  • A set of Be the Blessing cards--a total of 10 notecard-sized blessings that you can customize and use to bless the people you love most.

With your gift of $90 or more, you can request:

  • The Bible Promises for Life his and hers devotional set.
  • The CD message "Heart of the Matter"
  • The Be the Blessing 10-card set

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